Spitfire Gym

Amir Taremizad


Striking Head Coach


Professional Muay Thai, Kickboxer and Boxer.
Amir started his career in 1995 as a kickboxer under Master Mustafa Yavuz (Muci Tosen).He trained Muay Thai in Holland under Andre Mannert at Mejiro Gym Thai Boxing. Amir added amateur boxing to his skills and techniques, training at Berlin Hertha BSC.
He wanted to sculpt his Martial Arts and went on to train with Muzzaffer Mafatoglu for three years at ISI Gym and one year under Henrik Fork at Higgins Professional Boxing.

Amir moved to Thailand for 18 months to Kiatbusaba – Training Camp where he mastered his skills in Muay Thai. He also coached for 6 months at Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

During and after his strong fighting career, Amir went on to gain his certifications in coaching locally and internationally at Muay Thai Institute, Bangkok in Coaching Education and obtained his Coaching License B & C in Muay Thai.

With his extensive knowledge in these Martial Arts, Amir was invited to be Head Coach of the Sports School Koryo Berlin in 2002 & 2004.

Fight Portfolio


Berlin Master Boxing Amateur, Professional Boxer at Dieter Donald

Fighter for Team Turkey at Wako Championships 1997 & 1999 [Danzig/Caorle]

12 International fights in Muay Thai, Thailand


Multiple German Champion WKA Full Contact Kickboxing


K2 Fighter of the Best of European Middleweight

International German Champion Kickboxing


International German Champion Kickboxing


Team Thailand Fighter of the WMC in Canada, Dubai & China


Intercontinental Champion Northern Thailand Champion, Chiang Rai

Team Thailand Fighter of the WMC in Canada, Dubai & China


Winner of the 75 Kg weight division at the  Dubai Championships